Early College Programs

Earn College Credit in High School

As you start to imagine your future, and you’re thinking about going to college, you could get a head start on your higher-education path by enrolling in credit courses at BCC while you are a student in high school.

There are a number of ways you can earn college credit while you’re still in high school. In some cases, you might take classes taught by your very own teachers that, when successfully completed, can earn you college credit. Or you might spend your junior or senior years at BCC taking classes in person or online.

All you’ll need to do is apply to earn college credit while in high school and take a placement test to find out if you’re eligible to enroll in these exciting opportunities. Get a jump on your college experience, and enroll at BCC while you’re in high school.

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Early College team:

Beth Lapierre, Coordinator
Phone: 413-236-5251
Fax: 413-496-9511

Shelly Armstrong, Advisor
Phone: 413-236-1639

Apply to Early College

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can apply for Early College?

    To be eligible for Early College a student must meet the following criteria:

    • Be a local high school student, this includes home schooled students
    • Be a Massachusetts Resident
    • Shown to be at a college level by taking the Accuplacer
  • What are the different forms of Early College?

    There are three ways you can earn college credit while in high school

    • Bridge to College program is for High School Seniors. High school seniors are eligible for one free college-level course during their senior year. Student is responsible for cost of books and transportation.
    • Concurrent Enrollment, is when a student takes a high school course for college credit. The high school course must go through an approval process with Berkshire Community College. Check with your school or contact the BCC Early College Team to see if this is available at your school.
    • Dual Enrollment is when any high school student takes a college course and receives college credit. Student is responsible for cost of tuition and fees, books and transportation.
  • What kind of classes could I take in Early College?

    You could take any college course that interested you as long as you meet the requirements of the course, this would be based on your Accuplacer score. You should always check with your Guidance Counselor to see if you will receive high school credit for the course.

    The BCC Early College Team could help choose the best course for you.

  • Where would I need to go to take an Early College course?  

    You could take a course on BCC's Main Campus, BCC's South County Center in Great Barrington, or any of our off-campus sites. You could even take an online course.

Other Ways to Earn Credits

Are you in a vocational program at your high school? You too can earn college credits for classes you’re already taking! Check out the Career Vocational Technical Education (CVTE) program for a full list of classes at your high school.

Make transitioning to college easier

FREE Course!

Introduction to Interpersonal Communication

When: Spring 2019, 1/22 - 5/17
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.

Location: Boys & Girls Club
Cost: FREE, books included
3 Credits

Actively build up strategies for effective interpersonal communication with a diverse audience, conflict management, and self-advocacy by experimenting with language, non-verbal clues, and the art of listening. Expect presentations, active projects, guest speakers, and large and small discussions in this hands-on class.

Register Now

To Register for this FREE course please complete the application using the course ID COM-104-05 and send it to:

Beth Lapierre, Coordinator
Phone: 413-236-5251
Fax: 413-496-9511


Shelly Armstrong, Advisor
Phone: 413-236-1639

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is this course really “free”?
      Yes! This course is being funded through a grant. It will include the textbook. The student is responsible for transportation.
    • Who is eligible for this course?
      Local current high school students, including home school students.
    • What are the qualifications?
      • High School GPA of 2.6 or higher or scored college-level in Accuplacer Reading and Writing.
      • Massachusetts Resident: Located on page 2 of the Early College form.
    • How do I apply for this course?
      • Fill out the Early College form. Be sure to get all signatures: student, parent/guardian, and guidance counselor.
      • Fill out the In-State Tuition form - page 2 of the Early College Form – this is proof of Massachusetts residency.
      • Email, fax or mail the application to Beth Lapierre.
    • Does this course count toward a certificate or degree?
      Yes! This course counts as a Communication requirement in BCC programs.
    • Is this course transferable?
      Yes! This course is transferable to Massachusetts State Universities and Colleges. It is possible it is transferable to private colleges and universities. Transferability is at the discretion of the institution.
    • If I already took a free Bridge to College course, could I still take this free Communication course?
      Yes, you are still eligible to take this course at no charge.
    • How many seats are available?
      This course takes a maximum of 22 students. Registrations will be processed in the order they are received.