Paying Your Bills

Paying Your Bills at BCC

You can view and pay your bill online using your MyBCC login. To avoid incurring late fees, be sure to respond to all bills by their designated deadline, regardless of whether they are partially covered by financial aid or another source of funding.

In the area below, you will find information about:

  • How to access and pay your bill online.
  • Information about accepted payment methods.
  • Managing your Student Health Insurance.
  • Payment Plans.
  • Our refund policy.

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Semester Billing Schedule

When you register for classes, our online self-service billing tool will generate a bill for you that you can access by logging into your MyBCC account.

  • Fall semester bills are due in mid-August, while spring semester bills are due in mid-January. The actual due date will appear on your online statement.
  • Students who register after a bill due date has passed are expected to pay within 10 days of registering in fall/spring and at time of registration in summer.
  • If you have financial aid grants or loans, they will be credited to your account approximately 30 to 45 days after the start of the semester.

How to Access Your Bills

You can check your account and make payments by following these instructions:

  1. Please visit the MyBCC Portal and log in with your MyBCC account info (this is your s# with a lower case "s" — if you have trouble with this, please call the Digital Commons 413-236-2165).
  2. Once logged-in, find the "Student Finance" tile and click on "Make a Payment." If you don't see the "Student Finance" tile when you log in, scroll down to the blue "+Discover More" button and click it. From there you can scroll or search to find the "Student Finance" tile.
  3. We highly recommend doing an Electronic Check payment using your Bank Account Number and Bank Routing Number — there is no fee for doing this payment type (using a debit or credit payment will charge an additional 2.5% each payment)
  4. Please re-type all pre-filled information on payment screen or payment will not process.

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Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Areas of Interest

  • Accepted Payment Methods

    BCC accepts echecks, American Express*, Discover*, MasterCard* and Visa*. Payments may be made:

    Notice: Our payment vendor, Official Payments, charges a 2.50% service fee for processing each credit card or debit card transaction. If you pay using a credit card or debit card, this service fee will be added to your total amount owed. If you pay using an e-check or paper check, there is no service fee.

  • Bill Adjustments

    Students' bills are adjusted up or down during a semester if they:

    • Enroll in a payment plan.*
      *If you are interested in a payment plan, please contact Student Accounts.

    • Register for additional credits.
    • Receive financial aid or scholarship awards that do not cover their charges in full.
  • Managing Student Health Insurance

    Health Insurance charges are charged to all students enrolled in 9 or more credits in a degree or certificate program.

    • Fall (9/1/2023 through 8/31/2024) – $3,461.00
    • Spring (1/1/2024 through 8/31/2024) – $2,309.00

    Information about accident and medical insurance, including a student health insurance waiver form is available online at

  • Past Due Balances

    A student with a past due balance of $100 or more will:

    • Receive a late fee warning by email in mid-October for the fall semester, in mid-March for spring. A $100 late fee will be assessed one week later if the account remains in arrears.
    • A Business Office "hold" is also placed on the account, preventing the student from registering for the next term.
    • A series of four "demand" letters requiring immediate payment will be sent to the student.

    Failure to pay will result in the student's account being turned over to an approved collection company, and the student will be responsible for all collection costs and other fees incurred in the collection of the debt.

  • Payment Plans

    Set Up A Payment Plan In Self-Service

    There is a non-refundable $30 application fee for setting up a payment plan. Students should plan to make their first payment (and pay the fee) once their plan is set up. There is a two-day grace period on payments; late payments will receive a $100 late fee.

    Please visit BCC's Self-Service and log in with your MyBCC account info (this is your s# with a lower case "s" — if you have trouble logging in, please fill out the Online Help Request Form). Once logged-in click on the menu button in the top right corner, click on "Financial Information", click on "Student Finance", and then click on "Make A Payment." Choose a semester and there will be a Create Payment Plan button on the right side of the screen.

  • Refund Policy

    Please see the official refund policy in our annual College Catalog.

  • Returned Check Policy

    A check with insufficient funds is generally deposited twice and only returned to the college if it does not clear the second time. Returned checks will result in the credit being removed from the student's account, and the assessment of a $20 returned check fee. Students will be notified in writing of this action. Repayment must then be made by bank check, money order, or credit card.

  • Semester Response Form

    While filling out the required Semester Response Form, you may authorize a parent, agency, or sponsor to view your bill and make payments on your behalf, to release your financial aid, and to accept or waive your MassPIRG contribution.

    Complete the Semester Response Form now