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If you're thinking about continuing your education, the best time to start is now. Berkshire Community College (BCC) offers a wide range of online and virtual classes, so it's easy to find the time for an excellent educational experience.

The credits you earn at BCC will follow you virtually anywhere you want to go. Best of all, BCC credits cost far less than credits earned at a traditional four-year school, so you'll finish your education with the same experience and credentials as your classmates — just with far less debt.

Costs and Comparisons

BCC offers more opportunity and less student debt. Compare the cost of earning credits at BCC to some of the popular schools that our alumni go on to attend.

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Beyond BCC

Don't lose your momentum! You can continue your education far beyond the courses offered at BCC. Check out some of the options BCC offers for transferring your credits:

Plan Your Transfer

If your goal is a bachelor's degree, the MassTransfer program is what you're looking for. The A2B maps lay out exactly how you can start your education at BCC and end up with the degree you want from a public college or university in Massachusetts.

Save Money

You can save even more with the Commonwealth Commitment, locking in your tuition and fees and guaranteeing your credits transfer.

Secure Junior Status

Interested in a specific program at a particular school? BCC has articulation agreements with hundreds of schools, ensuring that you can enter as a third-year student.