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Programs and Classes at BCC

Berkshire Community College is a public, community college offering more than 50 associate degree and certificate programs of study, including options and concentrations.

BCC also offers general education and foundation courses for the Bachelor's Nursing degree conferred by University of Massachusetts (UMass).

In addition, BCC has guaranteed junior status agreements with close to 30 other colleges.

Current Program Offerings

Program Title Degree Type Academic Department
Massage Therapy Certificate Allied Health
Physical Therapist Assistant A.S. Allied Health
Business Administration A.A. Business
Business Careers A.S. Business
Entrepreneurship Certificate Certificate Business
Business Systems A.S. Computer Information Systems
Computer Science A.S. Computer Information Systems
Networking A.S. Computer Information Systems
Networking Certificate Computer Information Systems
Programming — Business Certificate Computer Information Systems
Programming — Technical Certificate Computer Information Systems
Criminal Justice A.S. Criminal Justice
Law Enforcement Certificate Criminal Justice
Early Childhood Education A.A. Education
Early Childhood Education A.S. Education
Early Childhood Education — Introductory Certificate Education
Early Childhood Education — Intermediate Certificate Education
Advanced Manufacturing Technician  Certificate Engineering & Engineering Technology
Engineering A.S. Engineering & Engineering Technology
Cannabis Industry Certificate Environmental Science
Environmental Science A.S. Environmental Science
Music A.A. Fine & Performing Arts
Music Production Certificate Fine & Performing Arts
Theatre A.A. Fine & Performing Arts
Technical Theatre Certificate Fine & Performing Arts
Visual Arts A.A. Fine & Performing Arts
Studio Arts Certificate Fine & Performing Arts
Fire Science A.S. Fire Science
Medical Coding Certificate Health Information and Medical Coding
Health Information Management Certificate Health Information and Medical Coding
Health Science Option A.S. Health Science
Pre-Professional Transfer Option A.S. Health Science
Dental Assisting A.S. Health Science
Medical Assisting A.S. Health Science
Surgical Technology A.S. Health Science
Culinary Arts Certificate Hospitality Industry
Human Services Certificate Human Services
Addiction Recovery Assistant Certificate Human Services
Mental Health Worker Certificate Human Services
Social Work Transfer A.S. Human Services
Biological Science A.A. Liberal Arts
Biotechnology A.A. Liberal Arts
Early Childhood Education A.A. Liberal Arts
Elementary Education A.A. Liberal Arts
Liberal Arts A.A. Liberal Arts
Psychology Concentration A.A. Liberal Arts
Sociology Concentration A.A. Liberal Arts
Practical Nurse Certificate Nursing
Nursing A.S. Nursing
Nursing B.S. Nursing

Degree and Certificates

  • Certifications

    BCC offers more than 15 certificate options, which may be completed in one year or less, provide the skills needed for immediate entry into the job market upon program completion.

  • Associate's degree

    BCC offers 40 associate degree options, which is a degree granted after at least a two-year course of study. BCC offers an Associate in Science (A.S.) and an Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree.

  • Bachelor's degree

    BCC students who wish to continue their education at a four-year college or university can easily transfer to a large number of public and private institutions throughout Massachusetts and beyond.

Course Type Key

BCC courses are offered in a variety of remote, face-to-face, and hybrid formats:

Hybrid In-Person
Hybrid-Virtual Hybrid Face-to-Face In-Person Online
Meet virtually with your professor and classmates via video conferencing at set times, typically once per week, with the remainder of the coursework online. Meet on campus with your professor and classmates at set times, typically once per week, with the remainder of the coursework online. A traditional, in-person course format that's required for some hands-on courses, including some clinical, lab, lecture, practicum, seminar and studio classes. Online courses conducted entirely through Moodle. No set meeting times, but your professor sets weekly deadlines for coursework completion.
Berkshire Community College uses the Moodle Learning Management System to teach classes and distribute course materials online.
 Programs at BCC that are under revision:
  • Biotechnology (A.S.)

  • Hospitality and Tourism Management (A.S) 

  • Physical Fitness (Certificate)
  • Physical Fitness (A.S.)
  • Respiratory Care (A.S.)

These programs are under revision in response to major changes in academic and workforce demands. Programs under revision do not accept new students.