Mechatronics (A.S.)

Student working on a computer during a Mechatronics class

Mechatronics Program Overview

The Associate in Mechatronics combines technologies of MECHAnics and ElecTRONICS. An interdisciplinary field of study, it covers sought-after skills in electro-mechanical systems, machine operation, computing, automation, robotics and advanced manufacturing. Students learn by doing, starting in our new state-of-the art manufacturing and engineering space and finishing with a hands-on, job-relevant practicum offered by our industry partners. Mechatronics bridges traditional machine operation and 21st century smart devices, positioning graduates well for many exciting and rewarding work opportunities.

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José Colmenares, Program Advisor

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  • BCC Graduation Pathway
    First semester PHY-111A The Ideas of Physics ENT-122 Computer Aided Drafting/Design I MAT-102 College Algebra ENG- English Composition COM-or BUS- Communications or Business elective
    Second semester ENT-129 Introduction to Electricity and Electronics ENT-151 Introduction to Manufacturing MAT-121 Pre-Calculus or MAT-123 Elementary Statistics ENT-185 Engineering Computer Applications ENG-116 Technical Writing
    Third semester ENT-260 Industrial Control Systems ENT-152 Advanced Manufacturing ENT-238 Elements of Machines ENT-235 Microprocessors and Digital Circuits
    Fourth semester ENT-225 Introduction to Computer Aided Manufacturing I ENT-244 Hydraulics and Pneumatics EXL-225
    Experiential Learning
    (capstone at the BIC)
    General Ed elective
  • Transfer Schools
  • Job Titles
    • Automation Technician
    • Electronics Technologist
    • Robot Operator
    • Industrial Equipment Installation and Service Representative
  • Local Employers
    • Berkshire Innovation Center
    • Cavallero Plastics
    • Crane Co.
    • General Dynamics
    • Interprint
    • Intertek LTI Smart Glass
    • Rousselet Robatel
    • SABIC
    • Sonoco Plastics
    • Unistress
  • U.S. Labor Statistics
    • Electro-mechanical and Mechatronics Technologists and Technicians (29$/hour median)
    • Electrical and Electronics Installers and Repairers (29$/hour median)
    • Industrial Machinery Mechanics, Machinery Maintenance Workers and Millwrights (28$/hour median)
    • Robotics Technician ($26/hour median)


Crane Co. aims to be an engaged member of every community in which it operates. As a Berkshire-based manufacturer of specialty products for over 200 years, Crane Currency appreciates that the types of skills our associates need for our business to remain competitive evolve with time. he Mechatronics Program sought out Crane's input on the program's content, and we were happy to provide this as part of its advisory committee. We are very pleased with the program's curriculum and training in areas required in modern manufacturing operations like those at Crane Currency.

Joe Czop, Project Engineering Manager, Crane Co.