Engineering (A.S.)

Engineering Program Overview

Engineers are typically thought of as problem-solving, technically skilled people. However, they also need to be creative, imaginative and aware of social needs and problems. The well- rounded education provided by this program cultivates self- knowledge and leads to the specialized fields of professional engineering. This Engineering degree program follows the first two years at most institutions offering a baccalaureate degree in engineering so that students who complete the program can successfully transfer to colleges like Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the University of Massachusetts, Clarkson University and Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

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  • Expected Outcomes

    Graduates of this program should be able to:

    • Attain a broad fundamental base from which graduates are well equipped to continue their education in a variety of engineering disciplines at Baccalaureate institutions;
    • Apply engineering and scientific methods to formulate and solve engineering problems both theoretically and numerically;
    • Demonstrate competence in collaboration with individuals and teams of multicultural and multidisciplinary backgrounds;
    • Communicate clearly and coherently in written, oral and graphical forms; and
    • Appreciate the need for continued professional development and lifelong learning.