College Transition Programs

Starting college can be an exciting, but overwhelming experience. Sometimes the key to success is having advance exposure to campus life and academic resources.

BCC offers a variety of College Transition Programs to help college-bound students like yourself identify your strengths and needs and discover how resources and self-advocacy can help you successfully navigate college.


Take a series of 3-hour workshops to jumpstart your math skills to re-take the Accuplacer assessment. You'll also have the opportunity to work directly with an instructor who will assist you with use of the program, answering questions about the material and providing information about college resources to help you in your first year at BCC.  

Jumpstart also assists in detecting specific gaps in your understanding of mathematical concepts and determines a focused study plan.

More About Jumpstart


To register for a Jumpstart Workshop please contact:

Wendy Lauren

or by calling the Assessment and Testing Center at 413-236-1655.