Health Information and Medical Coding

The Health Information Management field hires non-skilled, semi-skilled, and highly skilled professionals for entry level jobs through graduate level positions.  Many of these positions require “credentials” from AAPC or AHIMA; two national groups that govern the profession.  Our HIM department prepares some students to sit for a select group of credential exams while other students will transfer to higher education before becoming employed.

Health Info Management



Medical Coding




My BCC education has provided me with a brand-new opportunity for the future. As a server for many years, I was tired of it all. I wanted a new career, one that I knew could take into retirement, one that would be stimulating, challenging, and rewarding. I had no idea what a medical coder was, but I was drawn to it. I liked the idea of working in the medical field, I also knew I wanted to work on the technical side of it. I made my decision to go for it.

I was 51 years old, never been to college and was excited to start this journey. I enrolled in a lot of classes, I was working full time and taking 12 credits a semester. It was a lot, but I was determined. I started with the basic required classes and then moved into the classes for HIM. The Medical coding classes were intense, filled with information and knowledge, and I was both exhausted and energized by them. Little did I know it would be the educators that gave me the desire to keep going.

Both educators teaching my medical coding classes are in the field, and they both have so much knowledge. The amount of work I was doing was made easier because of them. And when they said "If you have any questions, text me and I will get back to you" or that they would meet with me in person, I didn’t really believe them. But they did. I texted or met or emailed them constantly and they were always there to help. They also helped me in other ways such as with obtaining my AAPC National Certification.

So, it is now 2 years later, and I am currently pursuing this career. I had no experience in this field, which made finding a job more difficult, but I kept applying. I now work for BMC and am proud to be here. I learn so much every day. I know, from talking to my coworkers and the amount of education they received elsewhere, that I have received the best education for this profession, not only because of my time at Berkshire Community College, but mostly because of the faculty that believed in me and this profession.

Thank you,

Lisa T., CPC-A