Courses with Virtual Attendance Options

Virtual Attendance

As a part of Berkshire Community College's (BCC) continued commitment to access and equity, the below listed courses are on-campus or hybrid/on-campus that offer virtual attendance options by permission of the instructor.

Virtual attendance means instead of coming to campus to meet with your professor and classmates at the set times for the course, you will have the ability to attend virtually through live streaming software (like Zoom) during those set times.

The classrooms are equipped with an extra monitor, so that virtual attendees are part of the class, as well as cameras that follow the person speaking so you can see both your professor and the other students. Some courses will have days that you will need to be in the classroom and others will allow you to attend virtually as needed.

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If you are interested in a virtual attendance option, you should contact the professor to see what options their course has and to get permission to attend virtually.

Spring 2023

Course Professor (click on a name below to send an email)

AHS 101-01: Introduction to Complementary Care and Integrative Health

Judy Gawron

BIO 134-01: The Biology of Cannabis

Faye Reynolds

BUS 107-02 and BUS 107-03: Fundamentals of Business

Karen Hines

CHM 101-01: Introductory Chemistry I

Amanda Meier

COM 104-01: Introduction to Interpersonal Communication

Constance Berman

ECE 154-01: Language and; Literacy

Barbara Kotelnicki

EDU 154-01: Language and Liteacy

Barbara Kotelnicki

ENG 102-02: Composition II

Charles Prescott

ENG 104-01: Honors Composition II

Nell McCabe

ENT 214- 01: Strength of Materials

Jose Colmenares

FAS 120-01: Drawing II

Lisa Griffith

FAS 163- 01: Two D Design

Lisa Griffith

HIM 102-01: Basic Procedure Coding

Laurie Vilord

HIM 105-01: Medical Coding I

Laurie Vilord

HIM 108-01: Electronic Health Records

Laurie Vilord

HIM 132-01: Reimbursement Methodologies

Laurie Vilord

HIM 144-01: Introduction to Health Information Management

Laurie Vilord

HIM 203-01: Medical Coding Professional Practices

Laurie Vilord

HIS 241-01: Conspiracy Theories in America History

Christopher Laney

HSV 115-01: Introduction to Mental Health Work

Kari Dupuis

HSV 135-01: Introduction to Community Resources

Kari Dupuis

HSV 151-01: Field Work Seminar and Practicum

Kari Dupuis

HON 298M-01: Honors Colloquium: Food, People, and the Planet

Julianna Spallholz

HSV 280-01: Group Work

Kari Dupuis

LAR 101-01: Introduction to Liberal Arts

Charles Prescott

PHY-111-01: Ideas of Physics

José Colmenares

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