Institutional Review Board (IRB)


The Institutional Review Board (IRB), an autonomous and independent board, implements a research review process established within the Code of Federal Regulations to ensure that human subjects research complies with federal regulations, institutional policies and ethical standards. The IRB protects the rights, and ensures the safety, of people involved as participants in research. The IRB also provides assistance to investigators involved in human subjects research in complying with federal and state regulations and institutional standards. The IRB is guided by ethical principles set forth in the Declaration of Helsinki (1964) and Ethical Principles and Guidelines for the Protection of Human Subjects of Research, also known as the Belmont Report (1978).

Contact Us

Charles Park, PhD
IRB Chair

For those wishing to conduct human subjects research at BCC, the first step is to complete the appropriate Screening Form below and email it to Based on this information, the IRB will determine and let you know whether or not a full IRB application is necessary.

Forms and Resources

IRB Application Forms

01 - IRB Determination Form
Complete this form first so that the IRB can determine whether or not a full application is warranted.

03 - BCC IRB Application
If the IRB indicates that a full application is warranted, complete this form.

05 - IRB Change of Procedure
If your approved project has changed, complete this form.

IRB Instructional Documents

07 - BCC IRB Regulations
An overview of the responsibilities of all parties involved in research, and the processes used to approve and implement research projects.

08 - BCC IRB App Guidelines
Instructions manual for the full IRB application.

09 - BCC Consent Form Template
An example of the sorts of information your consent form might contain.