FORUM Events


What is a FORUM event?

FORUM is a noncredit requirement of all degree programs. Students must complete four FORUMS in order to graduate.

BCC FORUMS are designed to meet these objectives:

  • To promote lifelong curiosity and interest in a broad range of ideas and subjects;
  • To provide a public debate and exchange platform;
  • To encourage live interaction and engagement; and
  • To strengthen college outreach and community involvement.

Contact Us

Tina Schettini, Coordinator of Student Activities

  • What qualifies as a FORUM?

    To qualify as a FORUM, the activity must be a live event that supports the FORUM objectives, must be publicly announced and accessible, and must be officially designated and approved by the FORUM coordinator/committee. Alternatively, a FORUM can be a live event or activity that supports the FORUM objectives and is identified and supervised by faculty.

    Students can monitor their progress in completing the requirement by checking their degree audit by contacting the Registrar's Office at 413-236-2136.

    Students enrolling in BCC with a bachelor's degree are exempt from FORUM, as are any students who began their studies at BCC prior to Sept. 1, 1978. No other exemptions are granted.