Research Opportunities

Berkshire Community College (BCC) provides applied research opportunities for students and faculty in collaboration with local community, regional, state and national partners, linking academic endeavors to solve community problems.

Students learn research methodology, develop original projects and may participate in local and professional workshops and conferences, while using research skills that better prepare them for future educational endeavors.

For example, BCC's ~200-acre campus provides unique opportunity to conduct species-level field research in which students monitor and map habitat use of various rare species. Students may also conduct policy-relevant psychology and sociology research, and may present their work at professional conferences or publish in scientific journals.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

For those wishing to conduct human subjects research at BCC, there are certain steps one must follow to adhere to the Code of Federal Regulations.

The IRB is an autonomous and independent board that implements a research review process established within the Code of Federal Regulations to ensure that human subjects research complies with federal regulations, institutional policies and ethical standards.

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