Submit a Referral

Contact BCC's CARE Team

Do you have a concern about an individual on campus? Please submit a referral to the CARE Team.

Please note: Matters concerning grades, academic progress, financial aid and other issues associated with a student's academic program at BCC should be directed to the appropriate college Dean and should not be reported through the Security Team reporting process.

Please describe the incident using facts, observations, witnesses, including a description of the behavior; action taken if any (e.g. medical service or refusal of same. medical transportation, student warned, asked to leave class, etc.) Avoid Personal judgements and/or feelings and hearsay.

Additional supporting material, such as electronic mail or other documents may be sent separately to the CARE Team Chair at or Campus mail to the Office of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services located in the Field Administration Building room 125.


Other Methods to Report Conduct Concerns

For an Emergency: Call 911 and then call Security 413-499-4660, ext. 6100.

Electronic reporting of concerning behavior does not preempt other methods of reporting. Suspected violations of law may be report to BCC Security and the Massachusetts State Police. The BCC Safety and Security Department provides a 24-hour telephone line (413-236-1010) that may be used to report a threat of violence or concerning behavior. This number should not be used for emergencies.

BCC's Personal Counseling offers assistance in how to help someone in crisis and how to make a referral. If students need immediate assistance, BCC Security can also help them access the Brien Center Crisis Team at 413-499-0412, available 24 hours.

BCC also provides an Employee Assistance Program (for benefitted employees) available through the Human Resources Department, which is a confidential service that includes short-term assessments, counseling, crisis intervention and referrals.


If you are unsure what to do, and you wish to speak to a staff member directly about your concerns, please contact one of the following staff members, during regular business hours.

  • Lisa Mattila, Personal Counseling, 413-236-1609 or 413-236-1660
  • Ellis Richardson, Director of Safety and Security 413-236-1011
  • Celia Norcross, Dean of Students 413-236-1601