What makes Berkshire Community College (BCC) a vibrant and diverse community? It's the people. Our Spotlights are a collection of articles featuring members of the BCC Community, showcasing their successes, struggles, history and experiences.

Barry profile
  • Student Spotlight

  • Kaitlyn Barry

  • Salutatorian, Class of 2023
  • On the surface, it might not be surprising that BCC salutatorian Kaitlyn Barry got an A in the first class she ever took at the College, followed by an A in the next class. And the next. But it was surprising to Kaitlyn. "I thought, this is insane! I had never gotten higher than a C in any of my high school classes," Kaitlyn recalls.
  • Alumni Spotlight

  • Jay Ogle

  • Human Services
  • Embracing the unexpected twists of life, Jay Ogle transformed his associate degree earned in Human Services into the foundation of his dynamic approach to business development. ... "I chose BCC for its accessibility, affordability and the fact that I was able to integrate the huge time commitment of school into my working life."
Laurie Vilord
  • Faculty Spotlight

  • Laurie Vilord

  • Medical Coding
  • When Laurie Vilord decided to change course in her career, she tackled it with gusto, earning a Medical Coding Certificate and a Health Information Management (HIM) Certificate from BCC in just one year. "I don't really recommend that, but I'm kind of an overachiever," she laughs.
  • Campus Life Spotlight

  • OER

  • Library
  • It's no secret that community colleges offer a quality education at a fraction of the price of traditional four-year schools. But for some, the cost of textbooks can be prohibitive. Open educational resources (OER) are free resources available to anyone and an alternative to high-cost textbooks, which are a barrier for many students.
Geoffrey Tabor
  • Staff Spotlight

  • Geoffrey Tabor

  • Transfer Affairs/Articulation
  • Sometimes it takes being in the right place at the right time. When Geoffrey Tabor, Coordinator of Transfer Affairs/Articulation, first visited BCC in 1995, it wasn't by invitation.