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Laurie Vilord
  • Faculty Spotlight

  • Laurie Vilord

  • Medical Coding
  • When Laurie Vilord decided to change course in her career, she tackled it with gusto, earning a Medical Coding Certificate and a Health Information Management (HIM) Certificate from BCC in just one year. "I don't really recommend that, but I'm kind of an overachiever," she laughs.
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Marsha Estabrook-Adams
  • Faculty Spotlight

  • Marsha Estabrook-Adams

  • Medical Coding and Health Information Management
  • Marsha Estabrook-Adams grew up in the bucolic town of Malden Bridge in Columbia County, NY and graduated from New Lebanon High School. After high school graduation, she spent a few years doing office work for engineering companies. But in the late 1980s, when she found herself unemployed, she used the opportunity to make a career change and enter the field of Health Information Management (HIM).
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Tom Carey profile
  • Faculty Spotlight

  • Tom Carey

  • Respiratory Care
  • It was the summer of 1982, and Tom Carey was headed to Hillcrest Hospital in Pittsfield. There was only one problem: He was lost. In an era before GPS and cellphones, Tom followed the blue hospital signs, but they led him to Berkshire Medical Center. He stopped in, figuring he'd ask for directions, but as fate would have it, he met the director of respiratory care. One thing led to another, and Tom began his career at BCC that November, nearly 39 years ago.
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Kari Dupuis Spotlight
  • Faculty Spotlight

  • Kari Dupuis

  • Human Services Faculty
  • Kari Dupuis, advises the BCC Human Services Club, is starting a campus wide mentoring initiative called Make Dreams Real, and is developing an Addiction Recovery conference on campus.
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Nell McCabe Faculty Spotlight
  • Faculty Spotlight

  • Nell McCabe

  • Assistant Professor of English
  • Nell McCabe is a Professor of Creative Writing at Berkshire Community College where along with her colleague Matthew Müller, helped to launch the campus Writing Center in the fall of 2015.
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