Staff Spotlights

Geoffrey Tabor
  • Meet Geoffrey Tabor

  • Transfer Affairs/Articulation
  • Sometimes it takes being in the right place at the right time. When Geoffrey Tabor, Coordinator of Transfer Affairs/Articulation, first visited BCC in 1995, it wasn't by invitation.
Pam Farron
  • Meet Pam Farron

  • Disability Services
  • One fall day in 1995, Pam Farron received a newspaper clipping from a friend. It was a classified ad for a Coordinator of Disability Services position at BCC. On a whim, Pam — then five years into her position as Assistant Coordinator of Disability Services at Hudson Valley Community College — took the day off, drove to BCC and walked around the campus.
Janet Collins
  • Meet Janet Collins

  • Administrative Assistant, Teaching and Learning Innovation
  • In 1982, Ronald Reagan was president, Michael Jackson's album "Thriller" topped the charts and "Cheers" debuted on network television. It was also the year Janet Collins, fresh out of college, got a job at BCC as a computer lab assistant. A graduate of the BCC Class of 1980, Janet went on to graduate North Adams State College (now MCLA) with a bachelor of science degree in computer science. Having grown up in North Adams, it was a natural choice, and she wanted to stay local for her career.
Ana Suffish
  • Meet Ana Suffish

  • Director of Adult Learning Program
  • Once a psychology major at College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, then a human resources professional and then a stay-at-home mom active in the Egremont PTO, Ana Suffish didn't foresee her future as the director of BCC's Adult Learning Program (ALP). But a deeper look into her background provides insight.
Kim Brookman profile image
  • Meet Kim Brookman

  • Assistant to the President
  • When Kim Brookman began her employment at BCC as a work-study student in the Human Resources department, it became her "second family" -- but she could never have imagined herself becoming the assistant to the president. She slowly worked her way up, from a parking clerk position in 2004, to facilities clerk, assistant to the vice president of Administration & Finance, and finally as the assistant to the president. Now on the brink of retirement, Kim reflects on the many ways BCC has become part of her life.