Alumni Spotlights

  • Meet Matt Cusson

  • Music
  • Grammy-nominated musician Matt Cusson ('98) was recently helping clean out his parents' house when he unearthed his high school yearbook. There, in print, was his prediction of where he'd be in 20 years: "On tour with Brian McKnight." That dream came true faster than predicted. Matt toured with the R&B performer for about 10 years.
  • Meet Rania Markham

  • Liberal Arts
  • "I'm first-generation associates, bachelor's and master's. None of the women in my family had anything," says 2012 graduate Rania Markham. She now considers it her life mission to encourage women to achieve their dreams. "Keep going. Take that step, take the class. It's just one step closer, even if it's one class at a time ..."
  • Meet Caitlyn Lyon

  • Liberal Arts
  • "It's kind of crazy, because I went to school for seven years, but some of the best memories I have and some of the things that I remember the most are from Berkshire Community College. Not only because I was valedictorian, but also because of the close-knit community, the class size, how accessible it was."
Connor Profile Image
  • Meet Patrick Connor

  • Theatre
  • "When I came to BCC, I knew I loved theatre, and I got really involved," says Patrick Connor (Fantastick Patrick). "I wasn’t expecting to enjoy classes like Western Civ, but I did. My professors were great – they encouraged me to pursue whatever it was I wanted to do. I actually started to love being a student, and I still do."
Mary Toole Spotlight
  • Meet Mary Toole

  • Liberal Arts
  • "You need to try your dreams. Only by trying will you know if you're going to make it or not," says Mary Toole, who graduated from BCC in 1969 with an associate degree in liberal arts. "You don't want to get to the end of your life regretting. I would never have gotten where I am without BCC. It gave me the chance to try."