Alumni Spotlights

Morgan Goodell
  • Meet Morgan Goodell

  • Fire Science
  • When Morgan Goodell was 16 years old, her dad, a volunteer in the Clarksburg Fire Department, brought her to work to show her what firefighters do. It was a pivotal moment. "They were all geared up and practicing wall breaches. I remember thinking it was really cool, and I wanted to do it too."
Julia Kalinowski
  • Meet Julia Kalinowski

  • Human Services
  • It's often said that the best counselors are those who have overcome adversity themselves. That theory will likely ring true one day for Julia Kalinowsky, a 23-year-old Pittsfield native who recently graduated from Berkshire Community College with an associate degree in Human Services.
Maria Brodeur
  • Meet Maria Brodeur

  • Nursing
  • Some people seem born to help others. Maria Brodeur, who has worked as a nurse for 42 years, is one of them. At just 15 years old, the Pittsfield native began volunteering at Berkshire Medical Center (BMC) in the medical records department. "I always felt that I wanted to help people. I found myself to be very empathetic and compassionate," says Maria, who credits her mentor at BMC, Tina Huggins, with encouraging her to launch a career in nursing.
Nina Nunes
  • Meet Nina Nunes

  • Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Nina Nunes, no stranger to higher education, has earned two associate degrees, a bachelor's degree and a master's degree. But of all those degrees, "it was the Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) associate degree from BCC that changed my life the most," she says. "The intimate support you get from the instructors and from the college itself is invaluable."
Michael Hruby
  • Meet Michael Hruby

  • Massage Therapy
  • When Pittsfield native Michael Hruby graduated Wahconah High School in 2018, he began taking engineering classes at BCC. He enjoyed his classes, but he soon realized it was not the path for him. "I'm not a sitting down kind of guy. I couldn't imagine sitting behind a cubicle all day," he says. He started thinking about pursuing physical therapy but wasn't sure he wanted to commit to five years of education. Enter Wayne Klug, BCC professor of psychology. Michael met Wayne while volunteering at Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group.