Alumni Spotlights

Tom Daley Circle
  • Meet Tom Daly

  • Art and History
  • Tom Daly, an alumnus of the College, met his wife on campus as a student, worked in the Bookstore, and made lasting friends from his mentors that would change his life.
Hannah Graether
  • Meet Hannah Graether

  • Class of 2011
  • Hannah Graether, class of 2011, was a student at BCC with a learning disability. She earned her associate's in early childhood education, her undergraduate degree in environmental biology, and also spent time teaching students in the woods as field study work as she worked to earn her Master's in Education.
Alumni Spotlight: Matt Fleury
  • Meet Matt Fleury

  • Class 1985; Graduate of Theatre Arts
  • Matt Fleury was born on the east side of Manhattan. When he moved to the Berkshires in the early 1970's at the age of 7, it seems that the bright lights of Broadway followed him.
Peter Zaconato's Spotlight Photo
  • Meet Peter Zanconato

  • Class of 2003
  • You could say that Peter Zanconato has Berkshire Community College in his blood. Not only is he a BCC graduate, his sister and brother are, too. His mother, Mary, works at the institution as does his sister, Ashlee, who currently serves as an adjunct Culinary Arts instructor.
Jeromy Richardson's Spotlight Photo
  • Meet Jeromy Richardson

  • Class of 2000
  • Jeromy Richardson was a straight A student. During his first semester at BCC in the Engineering Program, he took Calculus I and received a C. The disappointment he felt in himself drove him to repeat the class. He earned a B.