Physical Fitness Certificate

The Physical Fitness certificate program offers personal and professional opportunities in the world of fitness. Multiple approaches to exercise are combined to theories of wellness as students learning and practice the benefits of aerobic exercise, strength training, stress reduction, healthy nutrition and life habits. Completion of the program requirements leads to employment as group exercise instructors, personal trainers or fitness instructors at health and fitness clubs, community organizations or other fitness facilities. In addition, the program provides students an opportunity to achieve the ACE Personal Trainer Certification, a nationally recognized credential. Classroom training and on-site experiences are provided.


 To earn a certificate in this program, a student must complete all program credits and the additional requirements shown below:

Program : 29 Credits
AHS 142   Exercise Science 3
AHS 148Responding to Medical Emergencies 2
AHS 150Introduction to Nutrition 3
 AHS 155  Stress and Your Health 3
COM 105 Introduction to Oral Communications 3
 PED 135 Ultimate Functional Training Workout 2
 PED 136 Weight Training 1
 PED 137 Aerobics 1
 PED 144 Stretching and Flexibility 1
 PED 152 Group Exercise Instruction 2
 PED 161 Advanced Strength Training 1
 PED 170 Personal Trainer 3
 PED 180 Fitness for Life 2
PED 196 Physical Fitness Practicum 1
PED 197 Physical Fitness Practicum II 1
Additional As Shown
Demonstrated College-Level Skills in Reading and Writing  
Minimum Cumulative Average Overall 2.000
Minimum Cumulative Average in Program 2.000


The following is a suggestion for completing this program in one year. The actual time needed to complete the program will vary according to each student's individual needs.

First Semester   15 Credits
AHS 142   Exercise Science 3
AHS 148  Responding to Medical Emergencies 2
AHS 150  Introduction to Nutrition 3
COM 105  Intro to Oral Communication 3
PED 136  Weight Training 1
PED 180   Fitness for Life 2
PED 196  Practicum l 1
Second Semester
   14 Credits
AHS 155  Stress and Your Health 3
PED 135   Ultimate Functional Training Workout 2
PED 137  Aerobics 1
PED 144   Stretching and Flexibility 1
PED 152   Group Exercise Instruction 2
PED 161  Advanced Strength Training 1
PED 170  Personal Trainer
PED 197  Practicum ll 1

Notes: Any prior criminal offense could hinder placement in clinical agencies and the ability to become licensed in this field. See Criminal Offender Record Checks

Essential Functions:
Physical Fitness Degree and Certificate Program
Berkshire Community College seeks to provide equal access to its programs, service and activities for people with disabilities. Therefore, to the extent practicable, the College will endeavor to make a reasonable academic adjustment for an applicant with a disability who is otherwise qualified.

The essential functions of a student enrolled in the Physical Fitness program requires that the student, with or without reasonable accommodations, must be able to:

1.)  Demonstrate the ability to coordinate simultaneous motions
2.)  Perform movements that require supination, pronation, flexion, extension, adduction, abduction, hyperextension, rotation, and circumduction.
3.)  Operate strength training equipment which requires, pushing, pulling, rotating, or moving objects and weights.
4.)  Demonstrate ability to retain and evaluate information for use in supervision and evaluation of clients.
5.)  Display cognitive (thinking) abilities to measure, calculate, reason, and analyze information and data.
6.)  Demonstrate ability to manipulate dials on equipment.
7.)  Effectively communicate to clients and other health professionals by:

  • Explaining procedures.
  • Receiving information from others. 
  • Receiving information from written documents. 
  • Exhibiting appropriate interpersonal skills(s); (to motivate clients).
  • Analyzing and documenting assessment finding and intervention.
  • Demonstrating the ability to critically read and interpret charts, instruction, and manuals.

8.)  Demonstrate the ability to stretch, bend, lunge, sit, step up, step down, and chop.
9.)  Perform exercise skills in both fast and slow cadences.
10.)Maintain a level of energy and endurance necessary to complete essential functions.
11.) Demonstrate safe body mechanics when moving clients or equipment: including, lifting, carrying small equipment (under 50lbs.) and moving large equipment (over 50 lbs.)
12.) Function with the ethical and legal standards of fitness settings.
13.) Demonstrate the ability to effectively manage two or more activities or sources of information.
14.) Utilize problem solving skills in making a decision.
15.) Detect an unsafe environment and carry out appropriate emergency procedures. 

For information about typical program costs, student loan debt, graduation rates, and jobs associated with this program, read the Gainful Employment Disclosure