Unlock your locked-out account (Self Service)

Accounts are locked-out as a security feature when there are too many failed login attempts within a certain period. In order to unlock your account with this tool you must first have previously enrolled in the password self service tool.

Tip: Locked-out accounts will unlock automatically after a set period. Additional failed attempts will reset this period timer. If you have not enrolled in the self-service tool and cannot wait for your account to unlock then you must contact the Digital Commons (students) or the IT Help Desk (faculty/staff). 

  1. Navigate to the main BCC website,
  2. To get to the login page, in the upper right corner click on MyBCC
    screenshot of the MyBCC login link
  3. Click on Click here (blue highlighted) next to Forgot Password?
    screenshot of the username and password boxes
  4. Do not log in, instead Click on Unlock Account near the bottom.
    screenshot of the password reset and unlock links
  5. Type your username or student id in the Domain User Name box, then solve the CAPTCHA by typing the characters that you see in the picture in the box below it.

    Tip: You can refresh the picture by clicking the Refresh button if you cannot read the characters clearly.

    screenshot of the student id and verification code
  6. Type your answers for the Security Questions that the system displays. These are the original questions and answers you chose when enrolling in the Password Self-Service tool.
    screenshot of security questions

    Note: There is a time limit of 5 mins in every process. You can find the timer on the top right corner.

    screenshot of the time remaining for security questions
  7. Solve the CAPTCHA as previously done in step 5 and then click the Unlock Account button.
    screenshot of the CAPTCHA verification code

Contact Us & Online Help

Sometimes we all need a little assistance, especially with technology.

Online Help Request Form

Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 4 PM
Phone: 413-236-2165

Monday – Thursday: 4 PM – 7 PM
(when evening classes are in session)
Phone: 413-499-4660, ext. 6501

BCC Student Technology Support
Phone: 413–236–2165

BCC IT Help Desk
Phone: 413-236-3004, or ext. 3004 on campus

Note: The Digital Commons and BCC IT Help Desk can only directly support college owned equipment and software. Limited support is provided to personally owned devices such as laptops, cell phones, and tablets.