BCC Alumni Stories


These reminiscences bring your story and our story to life for current and future generations of Falcons.

Kevin Drumm
  • Kevin Drumm

  • Physical Education and Recreation
  • BCC dramatically changed my life, while I never really thought my life needed big changes. But big changes happened thanks to the faculty and the staff at BCC opening my eyes fully to the world of opportunity around me. I will forever be grateful for my years at BCC.
Raymond Dunham
  • Raymond Dunham

  • Criminal Justice
  • I owe everything to BCC and everybody in it. I love the school and think it's a strong pillar for the community.
Corky Kleiner
  • Corky Kleiner

  • Selected Studies
  • I was extremely well prepared at BCC. The courses were stringent and there were no gut courses. We read and wrote and discussed constantly. I loved BCC the best out of all the places I went to. The professors were very knowledgeable and demanding but caring and understanding. They truly prepared me for a successful life.
Don and Merry Lathrop
  • Don and Merry Lathrop

  • Donor, Former Faculty
  • Don and Merry Lathrop have been an essential part of BCC since its beginning. Don was hired as one of the first three full-time faculty members at a community college in Massachusetts in 1961. Merry came to BCC as a student in '78 and eventually graduated as the student of the year in '85.
Gary Pratt
  • Gary Pratt

  • Human Services
  • With this grant, funding a recovery center, South County will finally be provided an extremely valuable asset. We all know that connection fuels recovery; not only for the individual but for the community as a whole. HRSA and the tireless advocacy of the South Berkshire Opioid Working Group have made it possible for us to move forward in our mission. Their grant will save lives.