BCC Alumni Stories


These reminiscences bring your story and our story to life for current and future generations of Falcons.

Christina Lenfest
  • Christina Lenfest

  • Associate Degree Nursing
  • I love working with kids. I create a very comfortable and soothing atmosphere in my office with calming music that makes the kids feel at ease so they can heal and get back to class. You get to know these kids so well. Our goal is to get these kids through the day in a healthy and supportive way so they can learn.
Cindy Shogry-Raimer
  • Cindy Shogry-Raimer

  • Business Careers
  • As a part of the Alumni Association at BCC, Cindy volunteers to work Commencement every year and that is something she is extremely thankful for. Cindy encourages people to volunteer in any way possible, whether it be to help BCC’s students, stay involved with BCC, or volunteering in the community, Cindy believes it is important to stay connected in many different ways.
Bill Moro
  • Bill Moro

  • Health Science
  • Because this agreement is now in place, I and future aspiring pharmacists have the opportunity to take advantage of a substantial scholarship. I am extremely grateful for all the people involved in expediting the articulation agreement between BCC and Western New England making it possible for me to benefit from it.
Laura Saldarini
  • Laura Saldarini

  • Environmental Science
  • I became interested in returning to college when my son graduated from high school and was trying to figure out his plans. BCC was the obvious choice for me and I fell in love with the catalog description of the Environmental Science major. But science?
Beth Wallace
  • Beth Wallace

  • Former Faculty
  • No matter where you go in Berkshire county, there is an alum. I think it is really important to bring the pride, that people have for their four-year institutions to BCC. The alumni that we capture and talk to, exhibit pride for BCC.