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BCC offers its students the opportunity to start over or to jump back in line as they move toward achieving their higher education goals. BCC offers more than 50 high quality programs at a fraction of the cost of other schools — and your credits will transfer into a four-year school or into the workplace as you begin on your new career path.

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Annual Tuition

BCC's reasonable costs and outstanding faculty and programs make it a great value in higher education.

Estimated Student Bill

Tuition $624
Fees $5,108
Books and Supplies $1,560
Total* $7,292

*Estimation based on a full-time 12 credit-per-term Massachusetts resident schedule. Book and supply costs vary by program.

Understanding Tuition Costs

The cost-per-credit depends on several factors. To make it easier, we've broken down the various costs that make up your tuition.

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A More Accurate Estimate

Answering a few simple questions will get you an estimated breakdown of your annual fees.

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Comparing Costs

Below are some of the most popular schools BCC students transfer to after receiving their associate's degree. Here is what you can save - on tuition and fees alone, leaving aside room and board - if you attend BCC for your first two years.

The cost of tuition and fees at BCC for a full-time, in-state student is $7,292 per year.