BCC Launches Business Internship


The Business Department at Berkshire Community College (BCC) announces the formation of a business internship for current BCC students, who will work ten hours per week with a local business and receive three credit hours for participation in the program. Designed to provide students with professional work experience in a business environment, the internship is slated to begin in fall 2021.

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The first business partner in the program is SolaBlock Inc., a green energy company based in Easthampton, MA with connections to the Berkshire Innovation Center. The company is working with the City of Pittsfield to select a final assembly site for its Solar Masonry Unit (SMU) product.

Young people are the future of innovation, and we’re excited to team up with BCC for this exciting new internship program,” said SolaBlock Chief Operating Officer Scott Longley. “It’s a perfect way for us to help educate and retain local talent for our growing business.”

BCC Assistant Professor of Economics Dhanushka Peru, who created the program and will supervise interns, explained that the growing importance of internships has become a deciding factor for some students in choosing a college or university. “Internships are typically offered at four-year schools, but not necessarily at two-year schools,” he said. “This will give BCC business students a competitive edge as they look to further their education or enter the workforce.”

The internship focuses on business administration, planning and decision-making. Students will be guided in key areas such as critical thinking, effective business analysis, market research, interpersonal skills and work ethics.

I can’t stress enough the importance of establishing partnerships within the community,” Peru said. “This internship will provide BCC students with hands-on experience and direct access to real-world business professionals.”