Alliance of Non-traditional Students

Non-traditional students graduating


The Alliance of Non-traditional Students is a place for students who may have followed a different path to higher education to come together and share their experiences.

What is a Non-traditional Student?

Non-traditional students are undergraduate students who have defining characteristics and lived experiences that set them apart from traditional undergraduate students as defined by the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES). Those defining characteristics and lived experiences may include:

  • Delaying entrance into college by a year or more after graduating high school.
  • Students who attend school part time (less than 12 credit hours per semester).
  • Students with children.
  • Students with children who are single parents.
  • Students who are married.
  • Working a full-time job while in school.
  • Being financially independent from parents and family members.
  • Students who return to school after taking time off.

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