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At BCC, you can earn the same credits that you would earn at a residential school - at a substantial discount, of course. Choose from programs in Nursing, STEM and Allied Health, Business and Culinary options or Education, Liberal and Fine Arts, Criminal Justice and more!

Just like every other school, BCC offers an extended slate of online and hybrid courses. The credits you earn here will still be valid in a semester or a year, and the MassTransfer program ensures that they'll transfer directly to many traditional four-year programs. (And if you think you might be interested in MCLA, UMass, or another public college, check out the Commonwealth Commitment program to learn about where you can go after BCC, with less student debt.)

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BCC offers a debt-free future for its students, and the same high quality education as other colleges, right here in your own backyard. Check out the list of courses coming up this Fall

Classes at BCC are taught by accomplished, credentialed professors who are committed to the success of students in the Berkshires. Why pay more for the same credits?

Annual Tuition

BCC’s reasonable costs and outstanding faculty and programs make it a great value in higher education.

Estimated Student Bill
Tuition $624
Fees $4,868
Books & Supplies $1,200
Total* $6,692

*Estimation based on a full-time 12 credit-per-term Massachusetts resident schedule. Book and supply costs vary by program.

Understanding Tuition Costs

The cost-per-credit depends on several factors. To make it easier, we've broken down the various costs that make up your tuition.

Costs Explained

A More Accurate Estimate

Answering a few simple questions will get you an estimated breakdown of your annual fees.

Net Price Calculator

Comparing Costs

Below are some of the most popular schools BCC students transfer to after receiving their associate's degree. Here is what you can save - on tuition and fees alone, leaving aside room & board - if you attend BCC for your first two years.

The cost of tuition and fees at BCC for a full-time, in-state student is $6,692 per year.

Yearly Savings
Williams College $57,280 $6,692 $50,588
Boston University $55,892 $6,692 $49,200
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute $55,378 $6,692 $48,686
Smith College $54,224 $6,692 $47,532
Northeastern University $53,506 $6,692 $46,814
Mount Holyoke College $52,258 $6,692 $45,566
Springfield College $39,305 $6,692 $32,613
Western New England University $37,992 $6,692 $31,300
Johnson & Wales University — Providence $33,404 $6,692 $26,712
UMass Amherst $16,389 $6,692 $9,697
UMass Lowell $15,648 $6,692 $8,956
UMass Boston $14,167 $6,692 $7,475
UMass Dartmouth $13,921 $6,692 $7,229
Salem State University $11,284 $6,692 $4,592
MCLA $10,734 $6,692 $4,042
Westfield State University $10,429 $6,692 $3,737
Fitchburg State University $10,355 $6,692 $3,663
Framingham State University $10,335 $6,692 $3,643
Worcester State University $10,161 $6,692 $3,469

Source: tuition & fees for the 2019-2020 academic year. These costs are for tuition and fees only. They do not include the cost of books, educational supplies or room and board.