STEM Starter Academy Application

Download the 2019 STEM Starter Academy Admissions Packet and review it with your teachers, parents and/or guidance counselor. Feel free to contact our STEM Academy Coordinator, Connie West at 413-236-4740 or stop by her office in the Susan B. Anthony building (Student Engagement Center), to discuss any questions or concerns you might have before applying.

Who Can Apply?

  • Want to learn more about STEM careers.
  • Are interested in science, technology, engineering or math.
  • Want to improve their math abilities.
  • Are planning to attend BCC in Fall 2019 .
  • Are attending BCC already but have two or more smesters to complete.
  • Are Massachusetts residents (non-Massachusetts residents are eligible for some components of the program).
  • Are matriculating in one of the identified STEM programs of studies.
  • Are committed to participating in all summer and fall program requirements.

Application Process

Thank you for your interest in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math STEM Starter Academy (SSA) at Berkshire Community College. 

Please follow the steps below to apply. If you have any questions, please contact Constance West, BCC STEM Starter Academy Coordinator, at 413-236-4740 or cwest@berkshirecc.eduWe can't wait to hear from you!

STEP 1 — Checklist

Print the STEM Academy Admissions Check List (located within the Application) to use as a reference to be sure you complete all the necessary steps when applying to the STEM Academy. The application process requires the following:

  • Completed Berkshire Community College admissions application
  • BCC assessments: Math Accuplacer, Reading Accuplacer, and Writeplacer
  • High school transcripts
  • Teacher and/or other school personnel recommendation
  • Personal narrative.
  • Completed & signed STEM Starter application form
  • Signed Student & Parent/Guardian Agreement
  • Matriculation (or intended matriculation) in the a BCC STEM program of study
STEP 2 — Admission, Testing & Forms

Visit the links below to access the forms and other important information you'll need to complete your application.

  • STEM Starter Admission Application [PDF] includes:

      • Program Overview
      • Application Checklist
      • Form: Application
      • Form: Math/Science/Technology Teacher Recommendation 

      • Form: Non-STEM Teacher Recommendation 

      • Form: Student & Parent/Guardian Agreement

      • BCC STEM Programs of Study List
STEP 3 — Submit

Complete and sign all required forms and mail or email to:

Constance West 
Berkshire Community College 
1350 West Street
Pittsfield, MA 01201