STEM Programs of Study

The following STEM & Healthcare pathways are considered STEM Starter Academy programs of study here at BCC. Students applying to BCC's STEM Starter Academy need to select one of the following as part of the application process.

Program ID for BCC Application  Program Title
STEM 10 programs + 2 pending DHE approval = 12 programs
  AA.LBIO Liberal Arts-Biological Science
  AS.CISB CIS-Business Systems
  AS.CISC CIS-Computer Science
  AS.CISS CIS-Networking & Cybersecurity
  AS.ENGR Engineering
  AS.ENVS Environmental Science
  CF.CIND Cannabis Industry
  CF.CNET CIS Networking
  CF.CPCB CIS Programming-Business
  CF.CPCT CIS Programming-Technical
AS.... Mechatronics *
CF.... Advanced Manufacturing Technician *
ALLIED HEALTH 13 programs
  AS.HLDA Health Science-Dental Assisting
  AS.HLMA Health Science-Medical Assisting
  AS.HLPP Health Science-Pre-Professional Transfer
  AS.HLSC Health Science
  AS.HLST Health Science-Surgical Technology
  AS.HMTB Health Science (Pre-Massage Therapy)
  AS.HPTA Health Science (pre-PTA)
  AS.HRSP Health Science (Pre-Respiratory Care)
  AS.PTAS Physical Therapist Assistant
  AS.RESP Respiratory Care
  CF.HIMA Health Information Management
  CF.MCTS Medical Coding Technical Skills
  CF.MSTH Massage Therapy
NURSING 2 programs + 2 pre-programs = 4 programs
  AS.HLPN Health Science (pre-LPN)
  AS.HNUR Health Science (Pre-Nursing)
  AS.NURS Nursing
  CF.PNUR Practical Nurse
AA or AS = Associate Degree; CF  = Certificate                                        List Updated - December 2021
  27 + 2 pending programs* = 29 total programs.
* Note: BCC is presently seeking Dept. of Higher Education approval for two new programs to begin Fall 2022 - Mechatronics (Associate Degree) & Advanced Manufacturing Technician (Certificate).  Students applying to these programs are also welcome to apply to STEM Starter Academy.