What is my BCC Email Address?

Tip: If you already know your BCC email address but you do not know how to login, please go to Logging into BCC Email.

Students at BCC have two email addresses and each format has different uses. For example:

Student Email Format: Use:
firstname_lastname@student.berkshirecc.edu sending/receiving email
s0123456@berkshirecc.edu logging in

If you are going to give your email address to someone, it's best to use your address with your first and last name. Not only is it easier for people to remember, but it is also more secure than sharing your Student ID Number.

Faculty and Staff only have one email which starts with your first name initial and your last name. For example, FLastName@berkshirecc.edu.

A screenshot of BCC website demonstrating a faculty email address

Tip: Your BCC email address password would be the same as your MyBCC login password.