How to Update your Office365 MFA Info

Multi-Factor Authorization (MFA) is a method of making sure your account is secure by requiring another piece of information in addition to a password to ensure that it is you accessing your account. At BCC, we recommend using a cellphone that can receive text messages to use MFA.

MFA is a requirement on all BCC Office 365 accounts.

Please check out these instructions below on how to update your MFA information in Office365.

  1. Use the link below to log in to the Office365, MFA setup website. Log in just like you log into BCC Email.
    MFA Setup
  2. Select one of the three options:

    Authentication phone (Recommended) — Cell phone, you can get a call or text

    Office Phone – Call only

    Mobile App – For iPhone and Android

    screenshot of the MFA edit screen
  3. After choosing the method you prefer, click the Next button to continue.

For more on MFA and also for instructions on how to setup the Mobile App option check out this video from Microsoft.