Search & Register for Classes with WebAdvisor

WebAdvisor is the online program used by students at BCC to search and register for classes  each semester.  Students access WebAdvisor through logging into the MyBCC Portal.  

TIP: Remember that the BCC Academic Advising team is available to answer questions about classes and what students need to take to complete their program. 

  1. Log into WebAdvisor, please see our full instructions on how to log in to WebAdvisor
  2. Click on Register for Sections within the Registration For Students group.
    screenshot of webadvisor menu
  3. Click on Search and Register for Sections, the third option down, to bring up the course search window
    screenshot of webadvisor window
  4. Click on the Term drop-down menu and select the semester you are interested in, Fall 2020 for example, then choose at least one more option, Subject is a good choice.  Click the Submit button and the courses meeting your search criteria will appear.  

    NOTE: At least 2 options must be selected to search for courses.  If an error occurs, a message in red text will appear above the search area with instructions on how to fix your search.

    screenshot of webadvisor course search window
  5. Click to check the selection box to the left of any courses you which to register for, and click the Submit button to add it to your "shopping cart"
    screenshot of webadvisor registration window

    NOTE: You can place multiple courses for your entire semester in the "shopping cart."

  6. From your "shopping cart," click the drop-down menu to the left of each course you wish to register for select Register.  You will likely want to do this for every course in your "cart."

    NOTE: Your currently registered courses for the semester will also appear at the bottom of this screen.

    screenshot of webadvisor final registration confirmatio window
  7. When all the courses are set to Register, click the Submit button at the bottom
  8. A confirmation message will appear for classes successfully registered.  Any classes you were not able to register will display a reason why and you may need to contact to the Registrar's Office.

NOTE: If you have specific questions about what classes you need or should register for please speak to your advisor or the Advising Office. 

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