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What is procurement?

Procurement, noun
[proh-kyoor-muhnt, pruh‐]

  1. the act of obtaining or getting by effort, care, or the use of special means.
  2. the act of obtaining equipment, materials, or supplies.

The primary mission of the Berkshire Community College (BCC) Procurement Department is to ensure the College obtains supplies and services that fulfill the needs and requirements of the College at the lowest cost while insuring quality objectives are met.

The role of the Procurement Department is to assist the College faculty and staff with questions regarding the procurement of supplies and services, initiate bids and contracts and ensure BCC procurement policies are being followed.

BCC has committed to following the Commonwealth of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 30B Policies and Procedures in the procurement of supplies and services.

Following these policies assures that the College's procurement process is uniform, transparent, promotes competition and fairness, saves money and promotes integrity and accountability.

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Chris Bodnar, Director of Procurement

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