BCC 60th Anniversary Celebrations

The first community college in Massachusetts is turning 60!

Join Berkshire Community College as it celebrates its 60th anniversary as the first community college in the Commonwealth by watching our Celebration video brought to you by Pittsfield Community Television!

Thursday, October 22 at 6:00 PM

60 years of BCC on Pittsfield Community Television

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I fell in love with education. In the legislature, I was a big advocate of education training and improving the public education system. At that time, we studied what the higher education system was in other states, and we found out that California had 69 community colleges, and they were free tuition. I said, 'Wow, should that be a model for us?'

We were all working together to bring higher education to the people, and that was our rallying cry. We were always facing criticism that we were spending too much money on it: 'Too many educated people walking around' is what they would say. We had to overcome that and we had to point out the value of education.

My father was a very interesting person. He would always say: 'Whatever you have in your head,' he would point to his head, 'nobody can ever take away from you. They can take your money and your house can burn down, but what you've got in your head nobody will take away from you.

Massachusetts State Representative 1955–1972

The Berkshire Community College sign being mounted at the Second Street campus.

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BCC 60th AnniversaryBCC 60th Anniversary

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