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The mission of the Division of Teaching and Learning Innovation is to support faculty in creating rigorous, equitable, engaging learning experiences for all BCC students.

The primary areas of work are:

  • Academic technology, with an emphasis on high-quality online and hybrid course development;
  • Facilitating ongoing in-house professional learning opportunities for faculty;
  • Assisting in funding external faculty professional development experiences;
  • Supporting classroom-based assessment; and
  • Facilitating new faculty orientation and onboarding.
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Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation


Campus Life Spotlight: Teaching & Learning Innovation

"More than anything, no matter what course or instructor or modality, I want every BCC student to always know that they are valued, and wanted, and are very much at the center of everything we do,” Lauren Goodman said.

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The division accomplishes its mission through the Center for Teaching and Learning Innovation (CTLI), a dynamic group of staff and faculty who focus on the areas above and, most importantly, serve as an ongoing resource available to every faculty member at BCC.

  • Tattiya Maruco, Interim Dean of Teaching and Learning Innovation

    Tattiya MarucoWithin the Division of Teaching and Learning Innovation, Tattiya Maruco is dedicated to collaborating with faculty to provide high-quality evidence-based learning experiences that center student learning, especially in online and hybrid environments. She firmly believes there is a tool or technique to assist with any onsite or online issue and am committed to working with faculty to find the solution! 

    Tattiya’s background is in Social Psychology (B.A., San Francisco State University, and M.A., University of Wisconsin, Madison) and she has over 15 years of experience in project management and coordination in the education and research fields. 

    Tattiya accepted the interim Dean position in January 2022. Her prior position, Coordinator of Instructional Technology and Design, was new to BCC (created in December 2019), and she has been an adjunct faculty member in Psychology and Communications at BCC since 2018.

  • Janet Collins, Moodle Administrator  

    Janet CollinsJanet Collins serves as the Moodle Administrator and Administrative Assistant to the Division of Teaching and Learning Innovation. Janet enjoys helping faculty learn to use Moodle to conduct fully online and hybrid courses, and to enhance face-to-face courses.  She can help you learn the basics of Moodle, or train you on more advanced Moodle tools to increase engagement in your online course space.  Whether it’s creating your first discussion forum, setting up your gradebook, making a quiz or figuring out why something isn’t behaving as it should, Janet is always available to help with Moodle.

    Janet has worked at BCC for since 1982 and is an expert in Moodle, BCC’s Learning Management System, and all its “quirks.”


  • Coordinator of Instructional Technology and Design

    This position is new to BCC (created in December 2019) and currently on hold, as Tattiya Maruco has stepped into the Interim Deam role.

  • Matt Martin, Coordinator of Learning Experience Design
    Matt Martin

    Matthew Martin is the Coordinator of Learning Experience Design, a shared position with Greenfield Community College. Matt enjoys working with faculty and staff at both institutions to share ideas that make learning experiences--online, hybrid, and in-person--more inclusive and accessible. He can not only help faculty and staff learn to use educational technology, but also work collaboratively to harness technological tools (such as Zoom, Google Meet, Moodle, and Google Workspace) to instructors’ pedagogical goals. In the spirit of accessibility, he is also a resource for finding ways to utilize open educational resources (OER). Finally, Matt is passionate about incorporating recent research in cognitive science to improve student outcomes, keeping the learner’s perspective always at the forefront.

    Matt’s position is shared equally between BCC and GCC, and was created in Spring 2021. Matt’s prior experience in education includes over a decade of online teaching with the Virtual Virginia program.

  • Stacy Evans, Faculty Lead

    Stacy EvansStacy Evans, Professor of Sociology, is a senior faculty member and is the inaugural Faculty Lead for the CTLI. As Faculty Lead, Stacy supports all areas of the Division’s mission, and brings the unique and essential perspective of a veteran faculty member.

    Stacy is dedicated to helping you solve your thorniest classroom issues and get your students to perform at their best. She provides consulting on all aspects of teaching, from assessment of student work, to teaching techniques (active learning, discussion, lecture organization, etc.), to course evaluation. She can also assist you in finding general and discipline related research on verified practices that will improve student success in your courses. You define your goals - she will help you find ways to achieve them.

  • Micah Weedman, Instructional Technology and  Design Specialist

    Micah WeedmanMicah Weedman is a part-time Instructional Technology and Design Specialist. Micah is a learning experience designer with experiences in academic, government and healthcare contexts.  In addition to full-time design work for a large medical center in the Southeast, he has done instructional design work for Columbia University, Virginia Commonwealth University, Louisiana State University, Yavapai College and others, with a recent interest in Open Education Resources and Open Pedagogy.

    Micah's background is in higher education, specifically in student leadership development and social justice programming.  He completed his PhD in leadership studies, where his research explored intersections of university leadership programs, Critical Leadership Studies, and late-20th century moral and political philosophy.

Faculty Mentors for the 2020-2021 Hybrid/Online Course Development Workshop:

  • Gina Foley, Associate Professor of Life Sciences
  • Chris Laney, Professor of History
  • Nell McCabe, Associate Professor of English


2021-2022 Faculty Fellow for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Pam Coley McCann, Associate Professor in Human Services


For Faculty

  • CTLI  Suggestion & Idea Form

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    For example, you might offer topics you want to explore or would like us to expand upon. The more detailed, the better.

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  • Professional Development Funding Requests

    Berkshire Community College is committed to ongoing faculty professional development. The following process and form applies to professional development funding requests for individual and small groups of faculty. If you have any questions about this process, please contact your Academic Division Dean and/or the Dean of Teaching & Learning Innovation.

    1. A faculty member (or small group) initiates a funding request in writing to their Division Dean (typically by email), and subsequently discusses this request to agree upon a project with their Dean.
    2. The faculty member completes the Professional Development Funding Request Form (note that this form also asks for the submission of an initial travel request form, where applicable, for the purpose of more precise budgeting).
    3. The Division of Teaching & Learning Innovation will work with the faculty member on any necessary logistics, including purchasing materials, reimbursing costs, registration, and developing a plan for sharing professional learning, when applicable. 
    4. The faculty member (or small group) completes the professional development project/activity.
    5. The faculty member works with the Division of Teaching & Learning Innovation to facilitate sharing, with specific activities dependent on the project.