Student Spotlights

Kyle Slattery
  • Student Spotlight
  • Kyle Slattery

  • Program of Study - Engineering
  • If you take a walk with Kyle Slattery around BCC's main campus - it could be a long one. This is because Kyle, who is friendly, out-going and approachable, seems to know everyone. And, he likes to talk. In turn, he draws people in like a moth to a flame. People simply want to be around him.
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Jackie Quetti
  • Student Spotlight
  • Jackie Quetti

  • Program of Study - Culinary Arts
  • Upon meeting Jackie Quetti, the first thing you are sure to notice about her is the contagious laughter and her ear-to-ear smile. She's friendly, helpful and knows a thing or two about sugar cravings and delicious comfort food, which she attributes to her training at BCC.
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Nina Cobb
  • Student Spotlight
  • Nina Cobb

  • Program of Study - Allied Health/Physical Fitness
  • Nina Cobb is not only a prize student in BCC's allied health/physical fitness program but she is also an accomplished off-road racer.
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